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Exhibition Promotion

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Exhibition Promotion
1)Database Optimizing: with more than 800,000 industry data;
2)Association Cooperation: in close partnership with more than 100 professional associations and research institutes at home and abroad;
3)Media cooperation: collaborate with over 300 media, for banner barter, advertising, resource exchange, etc., for exhibition promotion;
4)Exhibition cooperation: To participate in similar exhibitions / events to for exhibition promotion and industry resources;
5)Exhibition Info Update: the latest updates of exhibition will be sent by email, twitter, facebook, Wechat, and other social media;
6)Literature Sending: tickets, invitation letters, exhibition catalogue will be sent while exhibition literature will be also publicized in HTML 5 pages;
7)Phone Invitation: professional visitors will be invited directly by phones;
8)Call Center: more than 50 staffs will contact the enterprises in data base in high efficiency
9)International Department: to cooperate with more than 60 international associations, medias and exhibitions, including industrial associations, media, B2B platform, e-mail, phone, social software, etc;
10)Wechat Publicity: make full use of Wechat official account to accumulate fans, expand the exposures of exhibition;
11) Outdoor Advertising: The outdoor advertisements are displayed in major building materials markets and industrial zones.
12)One-stop Trade Platform: be held with other thematic shows in the exhibition area of 50,000 square meters;
13)Accompanying Events: salons, forums, competitions, signing ceremonies, roadshows, product experience and other activities will be held, as well as factory tour, dinner banquet and matchmaking meetings;
14)Forums: specialized forums will be staged for better and further communications of attendees;
15)Participation to Similar Events: to attend other industry events for exhibition promotion;
16)Clients Visit: to visit industry enterprises, associations, production base, trade centers;
17)Exhibitors Promotion: to invite the dealers, agents and other insiders by cooperating with exhibitors
18)Celebrity Effect: invite leaders/experts/elites/stars who are famous in amusement circle to attract visitors.
19)Ticket Strategy: all tickets are marked with commercial value; pre-registered visitors enjoy free entry while visitors on the day shall pay the ticket;
20)Gifts Strategy: gifts such as tickets for reimbursement receipt for gas, house, exhibition coupons, will be handed out by the ways of registration, lottery, etc;
21)Shuttle Bus: visitors enjoy shuttle bus for free during exhibition;
22)Optimized Registration: QR code registration and phone registration are available;
23)Attentive Service: the pavilion is equipped with wifi, coffee area, business area, lounge room, etc.
24)Image Optimization: exhibition computer/official website, all kinds of designs of exhibition fixtures, as well as the staffs’ dress and speech, are upgraded and optimized;
25)Video Footage: video footage of exhibition will be uploaded on the video websites; 
26)Online Exhibiting All Around the Year: advanced online exhibiting technology will be applied for panorama visit all around the year.