Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group 
Room 301, No. 7, the First Street of Kehui Jingu, No.100 of Kexue Avenue, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou  


Target Audience

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Target Visitors
Agents, distributors, wholesalers, import and export traders
Construction engineering company, contractor, engineering installation company, energy-saving transformation company, architectural design institute, scientific research institution, research institute, energy institute
Real estate developers, property management companies, energy management companies
Hotel, restaurant, sonar, bath center , club, resort, swimming pool, hospital, real estate, school, canteen, bank, financial institution, gym, railway, megamalls, subway, etc.
Relevant representatives of the government, associations, and common facilities management departments
Media, investment and financing institutions and others
Agricultural consumers: grain production base, fruit and vegetable planting base, timber production base
Industrial consumers: food, textile printing, dyeing, paper - making, timber processing, car, automobile accessory, petrochemical, daily chemical, meal consumption, wine, beverage, steel, smelt, die-casting, medicine, dairy product, glass, leather, ceramics, furnace, aluminum, fodder, etc.