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Exhibition Scope
Drying Equipment for Pharmaceutical and Food: vacuum, boiling, freezing, spray granulation dryer; Rotation, blades, spin flash, fluidized bed dryer; Disc, rake, tube bundle, drum, belt dryer, etc; food and drug special oven, vacuum oven, drying sterilization oven, hot air circulation oven, tunnel oven, etc; extraction, concentration equipment; crushing, mixing, screening & conveying equipment, etc.
Drying Equipment for Cereals, Timber and Agricultural Products: heat pump grain drying tower; high-frequency drying equipment; wind stove, hot air drying equipment; heat pump dryer, high temperature dehumidifier, dehumidification drying machine, constant temperature and humidity machine, heat recovery equipment; mesh belt and tunnel drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, etc.
Drying Equipment for Environmental Protection and Chemical Materials: sludge drying complete sets of equipment; biological fermentation drying complete sets of equipment; refine chemical drying complete sets of equipment; thermal power petrochemical and other special industry drying complete sets of equipment, etc.
Drying Equipment for New Materials and Light Industry Production: hot stove, burning equipment, tunnel furnace, high temperature sintering box, industrial oven, UV curing machine, infrared drying equipment, electrode oven, blast oven, explosion-proof oven, nitrogen-filled oven, trolley oven, etc.
Large-scale Systems Integration: food, feed drying equipment and engineering; heat pump system engineering; dedicated drying room integration, plant fresh and drying equipment; solar hot air drying system; biomass energy engineering; automatic control system and professional supporting equipment, etc.
Related Equipment: power plant; cooling technology and equipment; metal mesh belt, plastic tray and chain gearing equipment; temperature sensor, drying controller and other control panel; heat pipe, hot air blower, motor and compressed air system, etc.