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Status Quo and Outlook in Drying Equipment Industry

Date:2018-12-26 09:12:49
At present, the conventional drying equipment required by the domestic market and the main drying equipment required by the international market can basically be manufactured by our own, which shows that the history of importing drying equipment in China has ended.
Status Quo
China’s drying equipment occupies more than 80% domestic market share at present. However, here are some existing questions, including district concentration and weak technology innovation. Meanwhile, medium and low-tech products take the lead in market.
Increasing transnational corporations have shifted target to Chinese market in the wake of acceleration of economic globalization advancement. The increasingly keen competition indicates that Chinese enterprises must improve products quality via technological advance and independent innovation. Hence, dozens of colleges and research institutes are engaging in development and research in drying technology. Whereas, enterprises should be the main body in technological innovation.
More importantly, the drying equipment industry in China has entered into a mature period. That China succeeds in joining WTO is conductive to expand export of drying equipment. China’s drying equipment is exported to Southeast Asia and other developing countries for the time being, and the Europe and America market have been opened up. Compared with our competitors, like Denmark, Switzerland, British, Japan and so forth, the Chinese products in many aspects need to be further enhanced, including automatic control degree, appearance quality, function, etc.
The forecast from China General Machinery Drying Equipment Industry Association shows that the demand for drying equipment in chemical industry will come up to about 3,000 pcs over the next few years, drying equipment in pharmacy about 3,000 pcs and drying equipment in light industry 5,000 pcs. Moreover, the competition in drying equipment industry will lay stress on product quality, technology level, post-sales service and price. It’s predicated that the domestic market share of drying equipment industry will amount to beyond 90%.
The variety of drying equipment manufactured in China is growing, and it gets its wide application. In addition, the products level and quality is raising rapidly, so that the competence of market competition is continually strengthening. In particular, some relevant policies beneficial to export have been issued, providing super external condition for domestic manufacturing enterprises engaged in drying equipment. It can be seen that China’s drying equipment prospects are bright.